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One does not simply get married

So Wedding mode has switched itself on, I’ve picked a (possible) date, and can now actually start thinking of venues, colours, dresses, suits, etc. It is terrific fun but also quite terrifying and at times I feel lost in a sea of love, in a kind of sickening way, not a nice, I’m drowning in rose petals way. So here I am at square one, utilising what I can in terms of websites, apps and magazines to find out what square one actually is. Hours of trawling through Pinterest wedding boards, and wedding planning sites like EasyWeddings have helped but also hindered because now I feel overwhelmed and have way too many ideas that I must must must condense into some kind of coherent, classy, unique style. The rundown of things I have sorted out goes as follows:

–          Nothing.

I suppose that guest list, budget and style/theme are good places to start, so I’m roughly jotting down ideas, and the names of people I like (nobody….kidding!). There is a reception venue I love so hopefully that will work out, and it also has a maximum capacity so that gives me something to work with for guest list so I don’t just invite everybody I’ve ever met because I think that’s nice.

If anybody reading this has any opinions, suggestions, resources or anything to do with any aspect of weddings, please do share.

On a non-wedding note, tiny baby Franco is rapidly growing into middle-sized a**hole Franco, but that’s ok, he can bite me all he likes, but I have allllllll the power. You want food and your man-ness still attached to your body? Watch yourself.

Also OUTRAGE! LEONARDO DICAPRIO DID NOT WIN AN OSCAR YET AGAIN. I KNOW THIS IS A BIT LATE BUT I HAVE JUST SPENT THE LAST FEW DAYS BEING ANGRY ABOUT IT. And also going through websites entirely dedicated to posting memes about it. The best.

I promise to write more, and I will continue to annoy you with my love and share wedding thoughts. Eep.






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