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Never fear, dysfunction is here

Actually, no, you should probably fear. But hi again. For a while there my brain stopped working, and the only words I could possibly have blogged would’ve been errr derrrrrrppp hurrrrr durrr blerghghghgh, so just be glad I didn’t do that.

To update you on the struggles of an anxious woman (hah, little girl more like), I am having very ridiculous days of adjusting to a new dosage of medication, appointments here there and everywhere with a doctor, psychologist and now a disability provider, which I am forced into by the lovely people at Centrelink, who make me want to stab myself in the eye with a blunt, rusting pair of scissors whenever I have to deal with them. Thankfully everyone else is understanding, just not the people that I unfortunately have to rely on to give me income until I can work without bursting into tears and falling to a melty pile of depression on the floor.

To cope, and feed my never-ending abyss of a stomach, I have started cooking delicious things when I can be bothered. It’s nice that no matter what I cook, Nick always compliments me, whether that’s because he loves me and wants to me nice, or because he genuinely is happy with anything even vaguely resembling food being in his mouth, I don’t really mind. I’m starting to experiment, to find recipes that have a lot of steps and attempting things. Banana bread topped with honey covered mixed nuts, brownie with chocolate ganache and vanilla cream, lots of stir frys, sauces, pork dishes, it’s a really delicious hobby. Although now I have to remember to go to the gym if I’m going to be eating things like chocolate covered raspberries. Maybe now I can start putting up photos and recipes of my food, like everybody on Instagram.

This month will be a hectic month, so I will apologize in advance for any lack of posting, since I have many appointments, have to get sorted to move out, pack and throw out stuff, get Franco fixed so he’s not a rude a**hole, and cook fattening desserts every night. Yuuuuuuum.



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Mondays aren’t made for blog writing

Day 1 of being healthy, have so far resisted the urge to eat chocolate or a bag of candy. Mainly because I’ve been too busy. Got up early to do some things, trains were delayed, I caught the wrong bus, and it was appearing that this was not my day. But I have eaten well, and am now home, with my fridge full of fruit at my disposal, errands for Monday all sorted by midday. I feel so accomplished, not even because it’s Monday, just because.

Tonight’s workout is like a dark storm cloud drifting closer and closer to me, don’t be surprised if I die at the gym. If I don’t die I’ll be bed ridden tomorrow fo’ sho’. Nevertheless, I’m determined to have motivation, so that I can be hot one day, *sigh*.

Today is a good day internet, by my standards.

Time to do wedding research, which I will no doubt talk about thoroughly tomorrow, you may go now. I’ll watch as you walk away in your tight jeans.

Shake dat ass, watch yo’ self




All original content posted is copyright of Helen Neretlis, A Dose of Dysfunction, 2014 ©

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