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The Diary of Anne Franxious

Anxiety is just terrible. But sometimes you have a good day, and it seems even more amazing because the rest of the time you feel like a butt. So what I assume is just a regular day for normal people is like everything in the world has aligned and magic exists for me. Possible over exaggeration but still, you get the point.

So yesterday, instead of getting out of bed and immediately going to lay on the couch to eat cheese and watch movies, I did productive things, and so many of them. It seems like things are looking up, and I don’t want to jinx myself, but at least for a couple of days I’m feeling excited and happy.

On a grumpy note, I’m sick of people undermining my choices in regards to my education. Stop laughing and saying “English Degree! What are you gonna do with that?!”….I dunno, I could do lots of things. What are you gonna do with your lack of brain cells? Probably not much I’m assuming. Having a degree in English doesn’t mean I’ve dedicated my uni life to learning how 2 spek reel gud. To the people that laugh and say “we all speak it, why did you need to study it?”…I’m sorry to hear about your mental retardation. Stop being such a close minded loser. I can do journalism, things in the media, be an author, be a teacher, pretty much whatever I damn well like, which is better than your 9-5 retail job. Unless you are Sheldon freakin’ Cooper, you are not allowed to undermine my English Degree, I got it, I did it, and I get to be boastful and proud as long as I want.

But back to the happiness, I have a lot of things to look forward to at the moment, so hopefully my brain continues letting me look forward to them.


stay classy



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To some degree

I know, I know. Where have I been? Gallivanting around the countryside I’d like to say, alas it is not true. The last couple of weeks have been fairly unpleasant, and without going into morbid, depressing detail, the short of it is that there was a death in the family. Now that’s always a sad occasion, but especially so when the person was one of the most lovely, warm, beacons of light ever to shine upon your existence. Cancer is just a massive a-hole. If anyone reading this feels compelled to do so, look up “Bundy Runners: Wishing for a Cure” on Facebook and like them, and the following is a link to their team page for Relay for Life, they are currently trying to fundraise for this year. This is comprised of some family members that my deepest sympathies and love goes out to right now and forever.

Link: http://wa.cancercouncilfundraising.org.au/TeamPage.aspx?teamID=69757&langPref=en-CA


In other news I finally received my beautiful, shiny, pretty Bachelor’s Degree, and now I need to buy the most expensive frame I can find, with gold and silver and diamonds and hang it on my wall. Then proceed to invite everybody I know over to stare at it whilst sipping wine. Ah, classy. But really, I’m feeling a little bit proud of myself now that I finally have it here to look at. Now I just need to do something with my vast knowledge of literature and the English language. Lyk rite a rly gud buk dat wil mayk me munee.



Whilst I brainstorm for award-winning story ideas (I could probably use a few of my dreams about apocalypses and a weird brainwashing island ((if only Lost hadn’t been done yet)), I sit at home with Franco who is rapidly growing into a real boy…I mean, ferret. He’s now just over 3 months, and is bigger, fluffier and cuter than ever. The whole biting thing is confusing, he has stopped just biting you constantly, particularly feet when he’s out of the cage and you’re doing things, but when he’s playing, he has started being completely psychotic about biting. So it’s time to install some new disciplinary measures. Mainly just scruffing, but we’ve also discovered he hates getting his tail wet, so that’s a good trick up my sleeve. Speaking of water, he loves it, aside from the tail thing, if it’s a hot day I will fill up a little container with water and he dunks his whole head and front legs in. Very adorable. Will try to get a video as photos are pretty impossible with a creature that moves so fast.


Other quick updates are that our lease is up in 2 months and we’re looking for a nicer place to live; I am hopefully going on a road trip holiday in June, woo; and in true dysfunctional form I have my first ever appointment with a real psychologist on March 6th, not exciting at all. Hopefully in the latter half of next week I’ll be in a pleasant mood and will be back here ranting about wedding plans, Canada trips and feeling not like a bag of wet rice. Here’s to the future, cheers *clinks wine glass at 11am* (joking, not an alcoholic…yet….ha…hhhaaaa)



Ily internet, you are my life source



All original content posted is copyright of Helen Neretlis, A Dose of Dysfunction, 2014.

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