Monthly Archives: May 2014

From beyond the grave

About time for a blog boast

Well, my sincerest apologies for the lack of blogging. Quite a lot has been happening, and a lot of nothing as well. Now I’m back, after the stresses of moving, we’re settled in, and my anxiety seems to be somewhat under control, but I don’t want to jinx myself.

I’m making steps, as my doctor says…”baby steps, but at least they’re forward”. I have to be proud of myself, since I’ve finally bitten the bullet and booked my driving test. Terrifying but it’s about time. So fingers crossed I can be independent by the end of this year. I’ve also made choices to better myself, and me and Nick are making decisions in our relationship that are exciting.

I think I want to study again, but not until next year, I don’t think I could do it right now. And I’ve even been looking at jobs, scary but I won’t be working in any job I don’t want to just for money. No more sadness. What I choose to do from now on will be for happiness, because why not.

So there’s my brief update. I am not dead. Sorry for the misleading title.