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Missing in inaction

*brushes dust off the keyboard* argh, now how do I use this thing?



Not even half way through 2014 and it is already feeling like a year that will be full of changes, good and bad. From January, where I left my job because of my anxiety, February when we got our mischievous little ferret, March when I had to begin seeing the psychologist, and now April. April has been interesting, even though it’s only the 10th. I’ve booked Franco in to get fixed, which makes me feel terrible because he’s such a tiny animal, however I’ll be relieved when he’s no longer aggressive and mean so that we can have cuddles all the time. We have made the decision to move home with my Mum when our lease ends so that we can save up for the wedding, which we otherwise would have a lot of trouble doing, considering we’ve picked a date of October 24th, 2015. Plus we can now save for a Canada trip at the end of the year, very exciting to meet my mother in law and see the amazing country she lives in. So my days have and will continue to be full of sorting, throwing out, and packing. And now for a moment of boasting, I have chucked a LOT! of my old clothes, which is amazing because I’m pretty much a borderline hoarder. A friend has had a baby, another is due later this year, as well as my sister-in-law. And I’ve decided there are things that I can do, and change, that will make me happier and more self-confident, and that’s a very nice feeling.

Then the rest of the year is filled up, moving in May, road trip in June, 21st in July/1 year since Nicholas ever so cutely proposed to me, August/September – babies!, October/November…not much to be honest, but December is Canada! I think I pretty much HAVE to be positive because there’s so much this year that will go well, fingers crossed, so if I don’t start feeling better, then my mind is seriously messed up.

What a self-centred post.



You love it.




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