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Paramore and more and more





Well I think it’s about time we talk about Paramore, because holy damn. They are way too amazing. If you don’t like them then get outta here, coz this entire blog is going to be about how much I love them and why they are the bestestestest.

This is sparked partly because I recently went to their concert on the self titled tour, aw yeah, and the other part because I’ve loved them for nearly ten years, which makes me feel kind of old (I’m not technically but I feel it, mainly in the face). Hayley is not only consistently energetic on stage, but also aaaalways sounds brilliant. Not to mention she says the loveliest things between songs. Like motivational messages about taking it one step at a time, which in my current situation certainly made me feel better. Taylor, with an injured ankle, still limped around stage being adorable. Especially in the interludes. And Jeremy, just like Hayley, has amazing energy.

I don’t want to be one of those people who are like “omg music iz my lyf xxx” but with Paramore and a few other bands, I survived my teen years, mostly unscathed (not really). So I will luv dem 4eva.

Watch the Ain’t It Fun video clip!

On another note, missed the blog yesterday because of a few reasons…

a)      Stayed in bed half the day watching Workaholics

b)      Half assedly cleaned the apartment

c)      Sweated buckets but with a cute hairstyle at the gym


Also, a matter of extreme importance….

I WANT A RAT BUT MY FIANCÉ WON’T LET ME HAVE ONE!!!!! I might start a petition. His name will be Rupert. The rat…not the petition.

Support me!

Xoxoooxoxo IRL


Pictures used have watermarks and are not mine, last one I found on google so not sure of source. Definitely check out Sammy Roenfeldt, he’s an amazing photographer.


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Stop flirting with me

Hey worldwide webs, sup?

I am feeling like a giant heap of crap today so the focus of this blog is going to be things I reeeeally like, to take my mind off it. It won’t really be interesting, but will definitely be helpful if you’re planning on stalking me at some point in the near future (you’re welcome).

I love City and Colour, if you’ve never listened to the ear honey that is Dallas Greens voice, bbbooooyyyyy you are missing out. It’s pretty much just acoustic loveliness, and a lot of his music is like the same song changed slightly, but it’s still nice and relaxing and he’s just really attractive. Hint for the stalkers, buy me the albums and I might go on a date with you.

I also really like the girl who works at the café downstairs near my apartment building, she has Pokémon tattoos, and what I am 75% sure are the most heart-warming eyes I’ve ever seen. Not to mention she makes excellent drinks and remembers what I want every time. She’s mine though, so, back off.

Here’s a condensed list of some of the things I am grateful for/like:

  • my fiancés pretty haircut
  • quizzes
  • internet forums (not the creepy kind, I’m not a 45 year old man I promise)
  • cheese
  • my ability to cook steak really excellently
  • the contents of my iPod
  • the contents of my brain (most of the time), (actually no, maybe half the time)
  • the ping-pong table at my gym
  • my MOH (maid of honour, learn my acronyms)
  • my super cute mum
  • the invention of doors, honestly I have frequent bad dreams where I have to pee but toilets don’t have doors, it’s awful
  • Rekorderlig cider, mmmmm

If anyone out there is currently watching me while I write this, through a…well placed camera or hidden air duct, just keep all of these in mind. I certainly wouldn’t be against receiving a giant gift basket filled with fancy cheeses and cider, and…a quiz book.

Not. I have a fiancé, geez. Watch someone else while they shower thanks.


I’ll report back tomorrow, with maybe a super great haircut, if I can be bothered leaving the house. Does anyone care? Poll results suggest no.


Be safe blogdwellers




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Leonardo Dicapriohyesplease.

Well, well, well…what do we have here?



My passion for Leo is currently at a reignited, all time high, because I went to see Wolf of Wall Street. A good portion of this blog is going to be an amateur, fan girlish review of the movie and also just sporadic comments about how pretty his face is, I apologize in advance. I also apologize for the two day gap between posts, and the miserable quality of the previous one, but you know, it was a busy weekend of drinks and friends and staying in bed all day. Enough of that, let’s get to it.


So the movie, it was great. I expected it to be. However, I will tell you now, if you don’t want to sit through three hours of Leo, Jonah Hill & co. consuming more illicit substances than any single human ever should, swearing above and beyond the humble s & f’s, having sex (multiple times with multiple people) and a whooooole lotta boobs, then probably don’t see this movie. Or just because you feel weird about seeing Jonah Hill masturbating at a pool party.

Having mentioned that, IT IS SO GOOD. I might be biased because I love many of the cast members, and Scorsese is great, but it was clever and funny and awkward and, and, and AH. If you aren’t offended by any of the aforementioned reasons that it was rated R then definitely watch it, even just to see Leo and Jonah play guys totally messed up on drugs. Hiiiiighhhhhh-larious (pun!)

The storyline is clever, he starts his own firm of stockbrokers and practically is ripping people off, but he does it so well. Eventually it catches up to him, but he has a few tricks up his sleeve and a lot of friends and acquaintances that are just as messed up as he is. Humble beginnings to not to humble ends, how can one be such an asshole but so lovable at the same time? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS LEO!

Moving on, I mentioned in my last post how great The Book Thief is, so you better have watched it. To elaborate further, I really thought the movie was amazing. The cast chosen so well, the settings are perfect, it does justice to the book and that is all you ever want from a film adaptation. It makes it come to life, and it’s nice to see it portrayed on the big screen through professionals imaginations after I had read the book and pictured many things quite differently than the film crew and cast. I absolutely love Leisel, she is such an intriguing character. I don’t really want to spoil this one for anybody who hasn’t seen the movie or read the book. Do both. Please.

Onto completely unrelated topics, WHY CAN’T I COOK POTATOES PROPERLY?! SINCE WHEN IS JUNK FOOD NOT A BALANCED DIET?! BLARGHGHGH. Being an adult is poop.

Love you internet. See you tomorrow.




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Worst. Blog. Ever.

Dear Diary, I nearly vomited on mum in law #2 today.

Day 2.

And somebody better read this because it’s late and I’d rather be asleep right now. Zzzzzzz.

Let’s recap the events of today:

  1. Got up early to go to the gym, instead decided not to go and sleep for a while longer. And have waffles for lunch. I’m too fit for my own good.
  2. Went and bought a dishwasher (thank the lawwwwd) only to find it wouldn’t fit in the space because of some stupid wooden bars. But it’s fine, we got rid of them, probably significantly weakening the structure of the bench top but at least I don’t have to wash dishes so, hurrah!
  3. Had a major anxiety attack in front of half the in laws…why do I make such good first impressions you ask? Because I’m smooooooooth.

I also ate a really great burger and something else pretty exciting happened but I’ll address that in later posts because I am super tired right now. Happy Triple J Hottest 100 day for tomorrow to all of my Australian friends.

P.s. on a serious note, I recommend everybody see The Book Thief. It is just amazing. You should also read the book, it’s a thing of beauty.

Goodnight blogosphere.


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Numero Uno

A first blog is a bit like blogging to yourself..

Dear (entirely public, readable, internet) Diary. A boy kissed me today!

If you have unwittingly stumbled across this grand opening of A Dose of Dysfunction then Welcome. Come in, make yourself at home. I have snacks.

This initial instalment of my blog will mostly be an introduction, and if you like, you can decide to close your browser and delete your history, but you’ll never be the same again *insert…like, Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight laughing maniacally*.

I’m Helen, and I guess I blog now. After turning 20, completing a 3 year Bachelor of Arts, trying a few crappy jobs, some prescription medication, and undergoing some big changes, I’m pretty much still the same weird person. But at least things are happening to me! Debatable as to whether they’re good things.

I enjoy cats, really all animals in general, art, books, writing, reading, buying things I don’t need, hilarious people, alcohol, expensive dinners I don’t have to pay for, my fiancé, socks, and high-waisted shorts. + more (follow me to find out! not really).

I also hate a lot of things, but you’ll read about that soon enough my internet friends.

If right now you’re thinking, “hm, do I want to read this on a regular basis?”… The answer is yes. Because I will probably amuse you with at least 40% of what I write. That’s a guarantee. This will be a daily (I hope) blog about dysfunctional things, thoughts, and opinions on a whole range of topics, mostly the aforementioned loves of my life, with a strong, tangy hit of hatred and cynicism. So if that sounds like your cup of long island iced tea then stick around.

On a side note, Word thought this was a better suggestion.




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